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50 Easy-To-Follow Shortcuts For Taking Stunning Photos In Any Situation

Mark Hemmings

From: Mark Hemmings
RE: 50 Simple Photography Shortcuts

Let me ask you a question…

Have you ever run out of ideas for taking photos?

If so, you’re definitely not alone… In fact, it happens to almost everyone!

And that’s why so many people assume they’re not creative enough for photography.

But when it comes to taking high-quality photos, it’s foolish to rely on creativity alone…

Now, the problem with creativity is that it comes and goes. Sure, sometimes you’ll get a burst of inspiration. And when that happens, you can take outstanding photos with almost no effort.

But if you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to remain in that creative state for a long time.

So as a working professional, I couldn’t just rely on bursts of inspiration. My clients rightfully demanded stunning photos at ALL times. My job was to deliver such photos consistently.

And after a long and frustrating learning process, I finally found the missing piece…

I discovered dozens of shortcuts I could use to take stunning photos in any situation

In my 20-year career as a photographer I’ve shot hundreds of thousands of photos.

By reviewing so many photos, I’ve been able to discover dozens of photo shortcuts.

These shortcuts are literally my secret sauce as a photographer. When I started using these shortcuts, I no longer had to rely on inspiration or luck. I just had to follow my shortcuts!

But what exactly are these shortcuts?

Well, they’re just like cooking recipes, except they show you how to take great photos…

When you use a cooking recipe, it gives you a list of ingredients and explains how to correctly cook them. If the recipe is good and you follow the instructions, your food will taste great.

Similarly, my photo shortcuts also provide a list of ingredients (such as specific subjects or light conditions). As long as you follow the instructions, you too will get outstanding photos!

Blue Ambient Light Photo

I used one of my shortcuts to take this photo. During the blue hour, which is the hour after sunset, you can take phenomenal city photos by combining the blue ambient light with the yellow light glowing from the buildings. This combination always looks spectacular!

I didn’t want to share my shortcuts publicly

Just like chefs who keep their recipes secret, I never talked about my photo shortcuts.

My clients were paying me a lot of money. And because of the shortcuts, my job was so easy it almost felt like cheating. Naturally, I didn’t want other people to know about these shortcuts.

But about 10 years ago I started hosting photography workshops all around the world. These workshops typically cost between and and they sell out months in advance.

With the help of my shortcuts, I frequently recognized all the ingredients for a world-class photo even in places where my students saw nothing. Of course, I wanted to help my students…

And if my students were to succeed, I had no choice but to reveal my shortcuts.

But here’s what I didn’t expect…

World-Class Portrait Image

There are hundreds of ways to take an average portrait. But there are only a handful of ways to take
a great one. That’s why I’ve created specific shortcuts for taking world-class portraits.

By using these shortcuts, my students could take photos that were as good as mine

Frankly, it was a little frustrating to see my students progress so fast…

Of course, I was happy about my success as a teacher. And my students loved me.

But I wasn’t even sure if I could still call myself a photographer. As long as they followed my shortcuts, even first-time photographers could take photos that were as good as mine!

But over time I realized that using my shortcuts didn’t make me a worse photographer. In fact, it was the opposite. By following simple and reliable shortcuts I could take even better photos!

After seeing the success of my students, I realized I’d come up with something extremely valuable.

My shortcuts allow anyone to capture stunning photos in any situation, with any camera.

And that’s why I decided to share these shortcuts with as many people as possible…

So I created the “Photo Shortcuts” course

Photo Shortcuts Online Course

Photo Shortcuts is an online course that reveals 50 practical, easy-to-follow formulas for taking excellent photos in any situation. Anyone can follow these formulas to take stunning photos.

It’s just like a photo cookbook. If you follow the recipes, you too will take stunning photos!

To be clear, I won’t just describe my favorite photos. Instead I’ll reveal 50 specific step-by-step shortcuts that anyone can use to take outstanding photos in any situation, with any camera.

First, I’ll help you choose the best shortcut for each situation. Next, I’ll help you find the perfect subjects, angle and composition. And finally, I’ll even show you the perfect camera settings!

These shortcuts take all the guesswork out of photography. They’ll show you exactly what to do in each situation, while still giving you enough freedom to develop your personal style.

Every time my students follow these shortcuts, their photos turn out about as good as mine.

This course will shortcut your learning by 10 years – just like it has for so many others.

Light and Compositions Photo

While this landscape photo is definitely beautiful, it’s actually not that unique. In fact, it’s based on universal light and composition shortcuts that work equally well in different scenes!

Here’s exactly how your photography will improve after you join my Photo Shortcuts course

In just a few days from now your life could be very different…

Just imagine:

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, this is exactly what happened to me when I started using my shortcuts. I’ve since taught these shortcuts to thousands of students, and all of them have seen life-changing results.

So now it’s your turn. Photo Shortcuts will forever change your photography (and your life).

But like all great things in life, it will only happen if you’re ready to take action now…

Light and Shadows Photo

Narrow shafts of evening light are perfect for dramatic street photos. When you see light that’s surrounded by shadows, set exposure on the brightest parts of the image, frame the shot, and wait for someone to walk through the scene.
This simple shortcut works every time!

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Now, you’ve already invested between and in your photography gear. And you’ve probably realized that even the most expensive gear doesn’t always result in great photos.

That’s why my students are happy to pay between and to spend a week with me in Mexico to discover my shortcuts and take the kind of photos they’ve been dreaming about.

Now, since this is an online course I don’t have to charge you thousands of to sign up.

The regular price of Photo Shortcuts is . But today, you won’t even have to pay that much.

Of course, is a bargain compared to the 10 years I spent to discover these shortcuts.

In fact, I’d be happy to pay hundreds of thousands of to get those 10 years back!

Now, I can’t turn back the time. But I know I can shortcut your progress by 10 years.

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Here’s what my students are saying…

Mark, you’re not only a fabulous photographer but also a wonderful teacher. Your explanations are so easy to follow for a newbie like myself. I’ve tried other instructors on the net but they do not compare to you. You’re a credit to your profession!

Jane Webber

Jane Webber Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada

Mark’s explanations are brilliantly clear and jargon free, unlike other photography courses I’ve experienced. To anyone considering the course I’d say: go for it! In each lesson, there’s a facility for comments and questions, and every question is promptly answered. Mark makes everything seem possible!

Helen Green

Helen Green London, United Kingdom

I’ve taken other courses and the teachers speak in camera jargon so I left as confused as I came in. Mark has a way of explaining the various manual settings that makes them easy to understand. I’m very glad I took the chance on this course and I believe you will be too.

Mary Ann Hellenbrecht

Mary Ann Hellenbrecht Bellerose, New York, USA

FREE Bonus: 8 photography cheat sheets

8 Photorgarphy Cheat Sheets

Of course, it’s really beneficial to watch my videos where I explain all the shortcuts.

But it's just as valuable to reference these shortcuts when you’re out and about shooting.

That's why I've created 8 easy-to-print cheat sheets that summarize all my photo shortcuts.

They provide a handy reference of everything you need to remember while shooting.

Unless you have perfect memory, these cheat sheets will make a world of a difference!


FREE Bonus: 7 trick photography shortcuts

7 Trick Photography Shortcuts

Have you ever seen a great photo that goes beyond what your eyes can see?

If so, you were probably looking at a trick photo. This fascinating photography style allows you to mix your creative ideas with advanced camera techniques to create exceptional photos.

And while trick photography seems very difficult, it doesn’t really have to be that way…

So in this bonus module I’ll reveal 7 additional shortcuts for stunning trick photography.

Just follow these shortcuts, and your photos will astonish your friends and family…


FREE Bonus: Personalized photo feedback

Bonus 3

Imagine always having an expert photographer with you…

Who reviews all aspects of your photos…

And tells you exactly how to improve them.

Sound too good to be true?

Now it’s possible thanks to our advanced AI technology.

Get practical, high-quality feedback in seconds…

So you’ll always know how to get better!


FREE Bonus: 23 specific photo projects

Specific Photo Projects

The best way to internalize my photo shortcuts is to try them out in your own photos.

That’s why I’ve created 23 projects that will help you practice using my shortcuts.

Of course, these projects are optional, and you can complete them at your own pace over the coming weeks, months or years as you continue to work on your photography skills.

Best of all, you’ll also see the projects submitted by other students from around the world.

And they’ll even provide invaluable feedback to help you further improve your photography.

So you’re not just joining a course. You’re joining a global community of photographers!


FREE Bonus: Lifetime membership in my private online community

Lifetime Membership In My Private Online Community

You’ll be invited to participate in my private online community where we regularly share our best photos, provide feedback to each other and talk about all things related to photography.

While still being small and cozy, this community is extremely active. On most days hundreds of photos and thousands of comments are posted in this group – all by your fellow students.

Unlike other online photography communities, this group is friendly and encouraging, allowing photographers of all levels to share their best images and get invaluable feedback.

Many great friendships have been formed in this community, both online and in real life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Even though they often look different, all digital cameras work the same way.

That means you can use my photo shortcuts with the equipment that you already have.

My shortcuts work for both DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Throughout the course I’ll show you how to access all the important settings on Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji and other cameras.

You’ll be able to participate in this course even if you bought your camera 10 years ago!

I’m an internationally recognized professional photographer and photography teacher.

When I first started my career in the late 1990’s, I mostly worked on feature films as a stills and location photographer. Later I broadened my experience and did international jobs with Lonely Planet Guidebooks. I travelled around Asia and Eastern Europe taking photos for them.

In 2000, I moved to Japan to specialize in advertising photography. The year I spent in Japan was pivotal in shaping my lighting style and how I approach the aesthetics of photography.

I’ve been hosting photography workshops in different parts of the world since 2005. And my online courses have already helped 6,133 students take stunning high-quality photos.

This course contains 5 modules (and 3 bonus modules). Each module contains between 45 and 90 minutes of online video lessons that you can watch at any time that’s convenient.

These lessons are relatively short (about 10 to 15 minutes), which is perfect for busy students.

Where relevant, my video lessons show how to access different settings on different camera models to make sure you don’t get stuck regardless of the type of camera that you use.

And in case you ever get stuck, you can ask any questions under each video, which will be promptly answered by either me or one of my team members.

No. The entire course happens online, so you can take it anywhere in the world. All lessons are pre-recorded (and you’ll get lifetime access to everything) so you can watch them at any time.

Of course, you can also watch the videos on your smartphone or tablet. That means you can go through the videos (and apply the things you learn) when you are out with your camera.

You can spend as much or as little time as you want. You’ll get lifetime access to all course materials, so there is no need to complete this course within a certain time period.

You can follow the course at your own pace and always come back to the videos later when you want to revisit the material or work on improving certain aspects of your photography.

You’ll keep lifetime access to all course material. That means you can always review the material in the future. And you’ll have plenty of time to catch up in case you fall behind. You’ll of course also stay in my private online community.

Light Pattern Image

There’s a specific light pattern that always creates dramatically oversized shadows.
When the conditions are right, I use one of my shortcuts for capturing dramatic shadows like this.

The majority of my students are not good with technology. So even if you feel like you know nothing about technology, you won’t feel left out in my Photo Shortcuts course.

All technical concepts are described in simple terms while avoiding unnecessary jargon, which allows people from all age groups to successfully participate in Photo Shortcuts.

And just in case you get stuck, you can always ask any questions under each video, which will be promptly answered by either me or one of my team members.

You don’t need any previous photography experience to join Photo Shortcuts. All the lessons start from the very beginning while gradually progressing into advanced topics.

Even if you think you have no talent or artistic ability, you’ll be able to take outstanding photos by applying the specific techniques you’ll discover in Photo Shortcuts.

Even highly experienced photographers love my Photo Shortcuts course, because there are so many tricks and techniques they can apply to make their photos even more interesting.

If you’re worried that you might already know everything I teach, I encourage you to sign up anyway, go through a few modules, and get a refund if you’re not learning new things.

No matter how much experience you have, there are always more things to learn!

If you want a refund for any reason, simply send an email to within 30 days of your purchase and you’ll get 100% of your money back – no questions asked.

So you don’t have to make the final decision about staying in the course right now. Just sign up to lock in your discount, see if you like the course, and then make your final decision.

Of course, I can only afford this guarantee because I know people love my course.

I use industry-standard encryption to protect your payment details throughout the checkout process. Your information is never shared with anyone, and I can’t even see your credit card number myself. That’s because I take your online security extremely seriously.

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