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How To Stop Relying On AUTO Mode And Start Taking Incredible Photos

Mark Hemmings

From: Mark Hemmings
RE: Take Your Digital Camera Off Auto

Let’s be honest…

You didn’t buy your expensive camera to take photos on Auto mode forever.

You know you’re smarter than your camera. So why let it make all the decisions for you?

Sure, the Auto mode will usually get you OK results… But why settle for just OK when you could be taking jaw-dropping photos that leave your friends and family speechless?

Now, if you’re like most people, you bought your digital camera because you wanted to take high-quality photos. And you wanted to capture the moments that really matter to you.

But you probably didn’t expect that your digital camera would be THAT complicated…

And frankly, I’m not surprised. Because that’s exactly how I felt when I got started.

Digital Camera Mastery Photo Collage 1

On this page you’ll find out how I learned to capture such unique photos… And how you too
can start taking stunning photos in just a few short days from now!

You see, I’m just a regular guy

I wasn’t always teaching high-end photography workshops all around the world…

I didn’t always have high-profile clients fly me out to do their advertising photography…

I certainly didn’t understand ISO, shutter speed, aperture and f-stops when I got started.

So if you’re struggling with the technical aspects of your camera, you’re definitely not alone.

And frankly, it’s not your fault. Camera manuals are so complicated that it seems like they’re written in Chinese. And there’s nobody to show you how to correctly use your camera.

In fact, pretty much all students who come to my photography workshops don’t have the confidence to take their camera off Auto… Which is why they only get average photos.

So, in many ways, I’m just like you. But here’s what’s different about my story…

I was literally forced to learn photography

Flashback to 1998, I was fresh out of college desperately searching for a job…

If you’ve ever been unemployed with no money for rent, you’ll understand exactly where I was at that point in my life. I was desperately looking for any job that would pay the bills.

And that’s when a friend told me about a job opening in the movie industry. They were looking for a photographer who would shoot still photos of movie actors to use for movie posters.

And since it was the movie industry, the salary was surprisingly high. So I took the job.

But there was only one problem…

I wasn’t actually a photographer. In fact, I didn’t even understand how to use a camera.

And as you probably suspect, pretty much all my early photos were a huge disappointment.

They were either too dark or too bright… And the subjects were often blurry or out of focus.

And to make things worse, back then I could only work with film cameras. So I couldn’t even look at my photos (and correct my mistakes) until the film was developed hours later.

But I had to make it work. I was newly married, and getting fired wasn’t an option.

I took the insider secrets the pros were using on movie sets... and applied them to my photos

Digital Camera Mastery Photo Collage 2

Besides working with celebrities, the best thing about the movie industry was that I could learn from people who were far more experienced than I was. Thankfully, my colleagues working with enormous movie cameras costing and more actually knew what they were doing.

While shooting movies is different from taking photos, all cameras are fundamentally the same.

And so I kept bothering my coworkers with an endless stream of technical questions…

Luckily, they didn’t mind sharing the insider secrets that very few people in the world have access to. And that’s how I discovered the techniques I still use in my photos today…

The pros showed me simple camera hacks that anyone can use to get the settings right

These hacks are so effective that they take all the guesswork out of your camera.

You can use them to quickly choose the right settings for any camera, in any situation.

Rather than figuring it all out on your own, these simple hacks tell you exactly what to do.

And it will only take you a couple of seconds to get the settings right and take a perfect photo.

When I teach these simple hacks in my photography workshops, my students walk away with clear, practical guidelines they can use to finally get off the Auto mode once and for all.

So with this newfound wisdom, I was ready to take my photography career to the next level.

But now that camera settings were no longer an issue, I realized something else…

The content of your photos is even more important than camera settings

Digital Camera Mastery Photo Collage 3

Get the settings wrong, and you’ll end up with blurry photos that you can’t use.

Get the settings right, and you’ll get sharp photos that are still not guaranteed to work.

If you go through your photo library, you’ll probably find hundreds of tack sharp photos you don’t feel proud about. That’s because what’s in your photos makes all the difference.

I had mastered the camera settings, but the creative side of my photography was still lacking.

And as a stubborn young man, I didn’t seek help from more experienced photographers.

After all, as a professional photographer I was supposed to have all the answers.

So here I was, taking tack sharp photos that were quite good but not great…

I spent the next 10 years trying to understand what makes the best photos so great

The pros had taught me the technical aspects of using my camera, but I was on my own as I was trying to further improve my photos. Learning through trial and error was painful and slow.

For about 10 years I desperately reviewed all the best photos I found in magazines, books and art galleries as I was trying to understand the underlying principles that made them work.

Whenever I found a photo I really liked, I always tried to understand what made it so special.

And over time I started noticing what the best photos had in common, even when their subject matter was totally different. I then tried applying these ideas to my own photos.

And my photos were slowly getting better as I kept decoding the secrets used by the pros.

Now, here’s the good news…

You too can become an excellent photographer not too long from now. Even if you think you’ve tried everything, you can experience huge improvements in next to no time because…

There are specific techniques that all great photographers use in their photos

Digital Camera Mastery Photo Collage 4

And anyone can become a great photographer by applying these techniques.

I know this because when I discovered the exact techniques that the pros were using and started applying them to my own photos, my photography was never the same again…

Taking photos was no longer frustrating. I no longer had to guess how a particular photo would work out. That’s because I knew exactly what to do to make my photos stunning.

And my career as a photographer exploded almost overnight. I went from working with local clients in New Brunswick, Canada to working for large companies all around the world.

High-profile clients started hiring me for photo shoots in exotic countries such as Venezuela, China, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, India, Japan, Italy and Spain.

And all of it happened because I started using the exact techniques the pros were using.

You don’t need any special talent to take outstanding photos

You might be thinking that you can’t take great photos because you’re not talented…

And honestly, I’m not surprised to hear that. That’s exactly how I felt when I was struggling.

I used to think that the best photographers are naturally talented, and that I would never be as good as they are because I don’t have any artistic talent in me.

And indeed, some people are born with an eye for taking stunning photos.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them.

But when I started using the techniques the pros were using in their photos, everyone started telling me that I was a talented photographer… Which is something I’d never heard before.

My friends started approaching me for photography advice, and I tried to help them as much as I could. I’d struggled with photography for years, so I was happy to help them out.

I shared the techniques I’d discovered through 10 years of trial and error. And everyone who used these techniques saw huge improvements to their photography almost overnight.

That’s how over time I developed a reputation as a photography guru. And then…

I started teaching high-end photography workshops all around the world

Digital Camera Mastery Photo Collage 5

These week-long workshops cost between and and I’ve hosted them in different countries such as Mexico, Japan, Hungary, Romania, South Korea, Canada and the UK.

Now, here’s the embarrassing part…

When my students arrive at my workshops on Monday, their cameras are almost always on Auto mode. These students are often older than me, and they’re definitely not technical…

But when we review their photos at the end of Sunday, the transformation is unbelievable!

Not only are they off the Auto mode once and for all…

They’re also taking outstanding photos I’d be proud to deliver to my high-paying clients!

With my help they get there in a week… While I had to spend 10 years figuring it out through trial and error.

I’ve made every possible mistake and discovered every photography trick out there. So I know exactly what works and what doesn’t… And that’s how I can shortcut their learning by years.

While my workshops are expensive, they usually sell out at least 6 months in advance.

Now, at this point you’re probably wondering…

How you too can start taking stunning photos

And for a long time I didn’t have an easy answer for people like you.

You could try learning from the pros in the movie industry, spend years trying to figure things out on your own through trial and error, and analyze thousands of photos in magazines…

That’s exactly what I did… And 10 years later I finally had it all figured out.

But it’s so much faster (and smarter) to learn from someone who’s done it all before.

Now, you could travel to Japan or Mexico to attend one of my photography workshops…

But of course, not everyone can spend thousands of on tuition and airfare, drop everything they’re doing for a week, and fly to an exotic location to learn photography.

I certainly didn’t have that kind of money when I was starting out.

But I still remember how hard it was to learn everything… And how I could have saved 10 years of trial and error if there was someone who showed me all the pro techniques.

So I wanted to create an easier option for people who want to improve their photography in a fraction of the time I had to spend… And who don’t want to invest thousands of .

And that’s why I created something absolutely unique…

Digital Camera Mastery

Digital Camera Mastery Online Course

Digital Camera Mastery is an online course that will get you off the Auto mode once and for all so that you can take outstanding photos that leave your friends and family speechless.

I’ve taken all the practical shortcuts and hacks I’ve discovered during my 20-year career as a professional photographer… And packaged them into this quick-to-complete online course.

It really is that simple… Watch my short step-by-step videos, start using the techniques you’ll discover, and in just a few short days from now you too will be an excellent photographer.

I wish I had access to this when I got started. It would have saved me 10 years of struggle!

Just imagine:

And you’ll experience all of this after just a few days of taking my course!

You’ll be taking outstanding photos with the camera that you already have

Digital Camera Mastery Photo Collage 6

You’re probably thinking you’ll need to invest thousands of in equipment in order to take outstanding photos… And that’s exactly what camera manufacturers want you to think.

The photography industry makes BILLIONS of by making you believe that you need the latest photography gear to take great photos, while nothing could be further from the truth.

Very few people will tell you this, but buying an expensive camera won’t make you a better photographer… Just like buying an expensive pen won’t make you a better writer.

In fact, the only guaranteed way to improve your photos is to learn how to control the camera that you already have. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get when you sign up today.

Now, if you’re like most of my students, you have tried to master your digital camera before.

And you probably got frustrated because at some point the technical details were just too difficult to understand. It happens all the time, and it’s not really your fault because…

Most photography training is about as simple as learning mandarin chinese

If you’ve tried to understand your camera before, you know exactly what I mean…

Most photography books, camera manuals and even online courses use complex terminology as if you were supposed to know it all before. No wonder it’s so hard to learn photography…

But in my course I don’t assume any prior knowledge, and all technical terms are explained in plain English. So even if you’re starting from scratch, you won’t feel left out in this course.

By focusing on one concept at a time, seeing a ton of really clear examples, and doing quick projects that help you internalize these ideas… You too will finally get photography.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever get stuck… But just in case you do, you can watch the same video again, and we’ll quickly answer any questions about the things you didn’t understand.

Your camera isn’t rocket science when it’s explained using everyday language!

A self-paced course that fits your schedule

Digital Camera Mastery Photo Collage 7

Now, it may seem like you need to free up weeks or months of your time for this course. And indeed, that’s what you’d have to do if you were to take an in-person photography course.

But I know how busy life gets, so I created this course with busy schedules in mind. All lessons are prerecorded and they’re available online. There’s no need to show up at a particular time.

You can complete the course in 7 days, 7 weeks or 7 months. You’ll keep lifetime access to everything, so you can always take a break and come back later when you have more time.

And when you want to revise the material, all the lessons will be available even years from now.

You can take this course from your computer, tablet or smartphone, which is really convenient when you want to try out specific photography techniques while being away from home.

An outstanding experience.
Everywhere you go.

Learn anywhere with an internet connection...

Or watch this course offline using our iPhone app.

And in case you get stuck or have any questions...

We’re here to help every step of the way!

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Course Portal iPhone

Learn at your own pace.
Anywhere in the world.


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So how much does it cost to join Digital Camera Mastery?

If you’re like my workshop students, you’ve probably realized that even the most expensive camera won’t get you the photos you want unless you also know how to use it correctly.

That’s why my students are happy to pay between and to spend a week with me in Mexico to finally take the kind of photos they’ve been dreaming about.

Yes, it’s expensive… But what they learn in a week changes the way they take photos forever!

Now, the good news is that you won’t spend that much for Digital Camera Mastery…

But first, I have to warn you about something:

Now, you’ve already invested between and in your photography gear.

But did that get you the photos you were hoping for when you made that investment?

My course costs a tiny fraction of what you’ve already spent on your photography gear.

But unlike the big camera companies, I can actually promise that my course will make a massive difference to your photography. Your photos will never look the same again…

Or you’ll get 100% of your money back – no questions asked.

Does that sound fair to you?

So only today you can get lifetime access to Digital Camera Mastery for just .

And to make it even more affordable, you can pay in 3 easy payments of .

Digital Camera Mastery Online Course


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Here’s what my students are saying…

I’ve been “taking photos” for decades, but only through this course have I finally begun to understand and use all of the applications on the camera. The video lessons are loaded with superb information, and explanations are easily understood. On a personal note, I have always felt quite self-conscious about taking photos in a public place. That self-consciousness has now gone because I now know what I’m doing. I say again, highly recommended!

I have learned so much about photography from this course that my brain is still spinning! I am now shooting in manual mode and the control I now have is simply amazing. I am off on a trip to the UK next week, so will be putting into practice what I’ve managed to absorb so far! My thanks go to Mark and the team for making this course so enjoyable. Highly recommended! 👍👍👍

I followed the lessons during my summer holidays and managed to learn so much in such a short time. I literally fell in love with photography after these lessons! I still need to practice a lot, but I feel I have a good base to build on in the future. I’m so happy I pressed the button and enrolled myself in this easy-to-follow and fun program. Mark did an amazing job. Best value for money!


So Here's Exactly What You'll
Discover In Digital Camera Mastery

Module 1: The fundamentals of stunning photography

In this module you’ll discover all the essentials of taking sharp, high-quality photos with your digital camera. We’ll start from the beginning without assuming any prior knowledge. With that said, even experienced photographers will discover some pro secrets in this module.

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover in Module 1:

The Fundamentals Of Stunning Photography

You too will know how to take stunning, sharp photos

Module 2: Compose your photos like a pro

If you can’t compose your photos correctly, it doesn’t even matter how sharp they are. And while photographers often struggle with composition, it’s actually quite straightforward once you start using the practical composition guidelines that you’ll discover in this module.

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover in Module 2:

Compose Your Photos Like A Pro

Composition determines the visual appeal of your photos

Module 3: Perfect focus in every situation

Choosing which parts of the photo are in focus and which parts are out of focus is one of the key creative decisions you have to make as a photographer. The techniques you’re about to discover in this module will help you get the focus right in every photo you ever take!

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover in Module 3:

Perfect Focus In Every Situation

You’ll be able to control exactly which parts of your photo are sharp or blurry

Module 4: Deep dive into exposure controls

Do you keep your camera on Auto because the exposure controls are too complex? Or does it take you too long to set everything up without Auto? No worries. In this module you’ll discover my simple exposure hacks that will introduce you to an entirely new world of creativity!

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover in Module 4:

Deep Dive Into Exposure Controls

Manual exposure controls give you so many unique creative possibilities

Module 5: Lighting hacks to make your photos pop

The light you shoot in has a huge impact on your photos. While some light conditions are easier than others, the techniques you’ll discover in this module will help you get stunning photos in any light conditions, including low light, bright sunlight and artificial light.

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover in Module 5:

Lighting Hacks To Make Your Photos Pop

Knowing how to use light effectively is one of the key skills in photography

Module 6: Master specific photography genres

The best way to enjoy photography is to take photos of what you love. So in this module we’ll take everything you’ve learned so far and apply it to common photography genres. You’ll get practical advice and step-by-step instructions for taking stunning photos in any situation.

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover in Module 6:

Master Specific Photography Genres

You’ll enjoy photography the most by shooting what matters to you

Here’s what my students are saying…

I have been enjoying photography as a serious amateur for decades now, and I took Mark’s course with a degree of uncertainty, wondering if it would be a good investment of my time and money. I am delighted to say that it was 100% worth it! Mark has a teaching style that is patient, clear, and on point with every aspect of helping people be better photographers. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their skills, brush up, or get off AUTO when taking pictures.

I have been using a DSLR camera for about 18 months. Most of the "camera speak" was like another language. This course has been like a window into another world - informative, helpful and easy to follow at your own pace. I have completed other online courses but this is the first one that explained the mystique of shooting. I would recommend this to anyone!

I took the Digital Camera Mastery course and really learned a lot. I’ve been into photography for years, and I thought I wouldn’t learn much from this course. Boy, I was really wrong. The course provided lots of important points that made a big difference in my photography. The camera settings were most helpful to me. I really like the way Mark organized the course. He is an excellent teacher!

Digital Camera Mastery Online Course


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FREE Bonus: 20 photo projects

20 Photo Projects

The best way to master photography techniques is to try them out in your own photos.

That’s why I’ve created 20 projects to help you apply all the key ideas from my course.

Of course, these projects are optional, and you can complete them at your own pace over the coming weeks, months or years as you continue to work on your photography skills.

Best of all, you’ll also see the projects submitted by other students from around the world.

And they’ll also provide invaluable feedback to help you further improve your photography.

So you’re not just joining a course. You’re joining a global community of photographers!


FREE Bonus: Personalized photo feedback

Bonus 3

Imagine always having an expert photographer with you…

Who reviews all aspects of your photos…

And tells you exactly how to improve them.

Sound too good to be true?

Now it’s possible thanks to our advanced AI technology.

Get practical, high-quality feedback in seconds…

So you’ll always know how to get better!


FREE Bonus: The truth about gear

The Truth About Gear

There’s a common myth that you need the latest gear to take great photos. That’s what camera companies want you to think! But as you’ll see throughout this course, it’s simply not true.

This course was designed to get you exceptional photos using the gear that you already have.

But once you’ve taken your photos to the next level, you may decide that extra gear (or even a brand new camera) would help you enjoy photography even more. And that’s why I created this bonus module sharing everything there’s to know about buying the right photography gear!

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover in this bonus module:


FREE Bonus: How to organize, store and back up your photos

Digital Asset Management

After you take my course, photography will turn into one of your most fulfilling hobbies. And since you’ll be shooting so much more, you’ll have to deal with a new set of challenges…

I’m talking about organizing, storing and backing up tens of thousands of beautiful photos.

Unless your photos are safely stored and backed up, you could lose your entire photo library (and a lifetime of memories) tomorrow. This actually happens more often than you think.

And that’s why I created this bonus module revealing all of the following:


FREE Bonus: Lifetime membership in my private online community

Lifetime Membership In My Private Online Community

You’ll be invited to participate in my private online community where we regularly share our best photos, provide feedback to each other and talk about all things related to photography.

While still being small and cozy, this community is extremely active. On most days hundreds of photos and thousands of comments are posted in this group – all by your fellow students.

Unlike other online photography communities, this group is friendly and encouraging, allowing photographers of all levels to share their best images and get invaluable feedback.

Many great friendships have been formed in this community, both online and in real life.

Value: /year (/month)

Total bonus value:

Free when you sign up today!

Digital Camera Mastery Online Course & Free Bonuses


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Don’t lose your most precious memories

I want you to imagine…

Moments like these are what makes life worth living. But unless you can reliably capture such moments with your camera, you’ll have to rely on your memory to preserve them.

And from my experience I can tell you that over the years your memories get less and less detailed… Important details start to fade… And in the end they’re completely forgotten.

If you really care about your family, you’d do almost anything to keep these memories…

And mastering photography is the only guaranteed way to keep them forever.

Don't Lose Your Most Precious Memories

Photograph your children or grandchildren before they grow up

It’s time to decide: you have 2 options

And the choice you make today will affect you and your family for the rest of your life.

 Option #1:  You can ignore everything you’ve read here and continue shooting in Auto mode forever. You’ll probably never see this page again, and your life will go on just like before:


 Option #2:  You can try Digital Camera Mastery for 30 days without any risk. Just watch my videos, use my photography techniques, and after just a few days you too will start:

But most importantly, you’ll be able to preserve your precious memories for years to come.

And your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will definitely appreciate that.

But all of this will only happen if you sign up for Digital Camera Mastery right now.

Digital Camera Mastery Online Course & Free Bonuses


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Frequently Asked Questions

Even though they look different, all digital cameras work the same way. That’s why you’ll be able to follow the tutorials using the equipment that you already have at home.

My course works for both DSLR and Mirrorless cameras. Throughout the course I’ll show you how to access all the important settings on Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji and other cameras.

You’ll be able to participate in my course even if you bought your camera 10 years ago!

I’m an internationally recognized professional photographer and photography teacher.

When I first started my career in the late 1990’s, I mostly worked on feature films as a stills and location photographer. Later I broadened my experience and did international jobs with Lonely Planet Guidebooks. I travelled around Asia and Eastern Europe taking photos for them.

In 2000, I moved to Japan to specialize in advertising photography. The year I spent in Japan was pivotal in shaping my lighting style and how I approach the aesthetics of photography.

I’ve been hosting photography workshops in different parts of the world since 2005. And my online courses have already helped 6,133 students take stunning high-quality photos.

This course contains 6 modules (and 2 bonus modules). Each module contains between 45 and 90 minutes of online video lessons that you can watch at any time that’s convenient.

The lessons are relatively short (about 10 to 15 minutes), which is perfect for busy students.

Where relevant, the video lessons show how to access different settings on different camera models to make sure you don’t get stuck regardless of the type of camera that you use.

And in case you ever get stuck, you can ask any questions under each video, which will be promptly answered by either me or one of my team members.

No. The entire course happens online, so you can take it anywhere in the world. All lessons are pre-recorded (and you’ll get lifetime access to everything) so you can watch them at any time.

Of course, you can also watch the videos on your smartphone or tablet. That means you can go through the videos (and apply the things you learn) when you are out with your camera.

You can spend as much or as little time as you want. You’ll get lifetime access to all course materials, so there is no need to complete the course within a certain time period.

You can follow the course at your own pace and always come back to the videos later when you want to revisit the material or work on improving certain aspects of your photography.

You’ll keep lifetime access to all course material. That means you can always review the material in the future. And you’ll have plenty of time to catch up in case you fall behind. You’ll of course also stay in my private online community.

The majority of my students are not good with technology. So even if you feel like you know nothing about technology, you won’t feel left out in Digital Camera Mastery.

All technical concepts are described in simple terms while avoiding unnecessary jargon, which allows people from all age groups to successfully participate in Digital Camera Mastery.

And just in case you get stuck, you can always ask any questions under each video, which will be promptly answered by either me or one of my team members.

You don’t need any previous photography experience to join Digital Camera Mastery. All the lectures start from the very beginning while gradually progressing into advanced topics.

Even if you think you have no talent or artistic ability, you’ll be able to take outstanding photos by applying the specific techniques that you’re about to discover in Digital Camera Mastery.

If you’re a professional photographer, Digital Camera Mastery might not be right for you.

With that said, even highly experienced photographers love my course, because there are so many tricks and techniques they can apply to make their photos even more interesting.

If you’re worried that you might already know everything I teach, I encourage you to sign up anyway, go through a few modules, and get a refund if you’re not learning new things.

No matter how much experience you have, there are always more things to learn!

The Gear module of Digital Camera Mastery will help you make an educated decision and buy the best camera for your specific needs. So you won’t be making any expensive mistakes!

If you want a refund for any reason, simply send an email to within 30 days of your purchase and you’ll get 100% of your money back – no questions asked.

So you don’t have to make the final decision about staying in the course right now. Just sign up to lock in your discount, see if you like the course, and then make your final decision.

Of course, I can only afford this guarantee because I know people love my course.

I use industry-standard encryption to protect your payment details throughout the checkout process. Your information is never shared with anyone, and I can’t even see your credit card number myself. That’s because I take your online security extremely seriously.

If you don’t like paying by credit card online, you can also pay with your PayPal account.

And of course, you’re also protected by my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

You can choose to pay in installments before entering your credit card details. If you select this option, three monthly payments of will be charged.

Here’s what my students are saying…

I’m finally on full manual all the time thanks to Digital Camera Mastery. I’m no longer intimidated by my camera. In fact, I don’t want to shoot in any other mode! I like the control I have over how I want my photos to turn out. My shots don’t always turn out exactly as I expect, but that’s okay because I’m still learning. Mark’s course was perfect for me. It didn’t disappoint. I highly recommend it!

I feel it has been a great value for the money. I purchased my DSLR about a year ago and was familiar with some of the features before this class. Now I understand what all the buttons do on the camera, and how to take my photography to the next level. I won’t be afraid of portraits, landscapes and night photography, to name a few. I highly recommend Digital Camera Mastery!

I’ve read the user manual for my camera and purchased the "For Dummies" book, but I still felt like I needed some extra help. I really like the videos Mark does. He makes everything easy to understand and shows sample photos so I can see how the changes make a difference in the photo. I also like the fact that I can go back and watch the videos as many times as I need to. If I have a question I just post it in comments, and the administration staff, or other members, offer their assistance.

Digital Camera Mastery Online Course & Free Bonuses

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

One email. All your money back. No questions asked.


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